Kayak School

HOA’s staff is ready and willing to share years of kayaking experience with you. Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned paddler, HOA has a course for you.
For beginners, we will take you step-by-step, learning to out-fit your kayak and do a range of paddle strokes that will get you comfortable and confident to make your way down the river.
For the experienced kayaker, we’ve got you covered too! We can take you on a variety of rivers throughout Hokkaido to suit your level. From grade 3 rivers to grade 4+ creeks and waterfalls, Hokkaido’s rivers have it all. We supply all the gear that you would need with a wide range of Pyranha Kayaks to choose from.

1/2 Day Course: Kayak School

  • meeting time : AM course 9:00 /  PM course 12:30
  • meeting place : HOA Hokkaido Outdoor Adventures
  • time taken : about 3 hours
  • age : over High School age(16 yrs old)
  • minimum : 1 people
  • price : Private Lesson 11,000 yen /person
    Group Lesson (over 2 people) 6,600 yen /person

1 Day Course: Kayak School

  • meeting time :9:00
  • meeting place :HOA Hokkaido Outdoor Adventures
  • time taken :about 6-7 hours
  • age :over High School age(16 yrs old)
  • minimum :1 people
  • price :Private Lesson 17,800 yen /person
    Group Lesson (over 2 people) 13,200 yen /person
    (including lunch)
Included in the price
  • River Gear:Drysuits or Spray Jacket, Life Jacket, Helmet, Wet Boots
  • Kayak, Paddle
  • Insurance
  • (for 1 day course) lunch
What to bring
  • Clothing for Kayaking : Fleece, Thermal, Quick-Dry Clothes, Swimwear etc. Don’t wear cotton
    *Spring or Autumon:Fleece, Thermal.
    *Summer:Rash Guard, Quick Dry T-Shirts, Shorts and Swimwear.To avoid getting sunburn or insect bites, we will recommend covering your skin with leggings or long sleeve shirts.
  •  Dry Clothes for changing
  • Towel
  • Strap for Glasses (on sale at HOA for 100 yen)