Backcountry Ski Guides & Tours in Hokkaido

Hokkaido is famous for its powder snow formed from cold Siberian winds blowing across the ocean. The powder is generally dry and deep. We can guide you to the best ski grounds around or take you back country to the best spots found through years of exploring.



Asahidake is Hokkaido’s highest Mountain (Volcano, 2291m) and part of the largest Daisetsu National Park in Japan. Because of its location and low humidity, it gets some of the lightest powder snow in the world. On clear days, you can see the plumes of volcanic smoke rising from the numerous vents on the mountain. A clear blue sky, beautiful white powder, and great views of the surrounding areas are sure to make for an amazing day on the mountain !

group size of 2 : 19,000 yen
group size of 3 : 17,000 yen
group size of 4 or more : 15,000 yen

Tokachidake Area / Furanodake

Furanodake and the surrounding areas are full of runs for all types of skiers, boarders, and fitness levels. By keeping track of the latest weather conditions, we choose the best steep and deep runs with the lightest powder the area can offer. After a great day of skinning, snowshoeing, skiing and snowboarding, you can soak your weary bones in the great hot springs on the mountain while checking out the great photos that you took!

group size of 2 : 19,000 yen
group size of 3 : 17,000 yen
group size of 4 or more : 15,000 yen

Nissho Tohge (Nissho Pass)

Nissho Tohge (Nissho Pass) is a high mountain pass (1106 m, 3,629 ft) at the north-end of the Hidaka Mountain Range. It’s fairly close by to HOA and Patrick’s house, so he spend a lot of time there on his own ! It has something for everyone and it’s definitely off-the-beaten-track. You would be guaranteed to be the only foreigners there!

group size of 2 : 19,000 yen
group size of 3 : 17,000 yen
group size of 4 or more : 15,000 yen


Kurodake (Mt. Kuro, 1984m) is located at Sounkyo, situated at the top end of the Daisetsu National Park. It is a spectacular region with big frozen water falls and awesome rock formations; a must-see just for the scenery alone. It does get loaded with wintery weather and the terrain is a little tricky to ride.The steeps are steep and can be pretty tight. The hike to the top depends on the snow pack and weather, but if you’re up to the challenge and you get it right, it’s amazing!

group size of 2 : 25,000 yen
group size of 3 : 22,000 yen
group size of 4 or more : 20,000 yen

*Kurodake Ski Ground is closed from January 4 to February 16, 2017.

Custom Tours

Design your own dream tour with the help of someone who knows all the best places in Hokkaido.
We can take you to find the best powder, particular terrains, unique features on the mountains, post-ride hot springs, and much, much more ! Let’s plan a tour to suit your group’s size, ability, sense of adventure.
*Custom tours are for a minimum of 4 people and are privately guided tours to all parts of Hokkaido.

Included in the price
  • HOA guides will supplies the following (if required)
    ・Avalanche Beacon
  • !! Lift pass NOT included.
    One day pass – Asahidake 4,900 yen,  Kurodake 3,800 yen
What to bring
  • Skis or snowboard (mid-fat to fat, all-mountain or powder skis are best on these tours)
  • (for Tokachidake/Furanodake/Nissho Tohge/Kurodake) Alpine Touring or Telemark bindings and equipment w/climbing skins
  • Boots (regular alpine boots are fine if they are not a tight fitting race boot)
  • Poles, preferably with powder baskets
  • Outer layer jacket with hood (breathable-waterproof material)
  • Outer shell pants or bibs (breathable-waterproof material)
  • Personal clothing layers suitable for all conditions
  • Gloves (standard ski gloves are suitable)
  • Warm jacket (down or synthetic for rest breaks and colder weather)
  • Sweater or vest (wool, fleece or down)
  • Toque/warm hat (wool or fleece) or helmet
  • Sunglasses or Ski goggles
  • Misc. personal items (camera, etc.)