English speaking ski guide in Hokkaido !

Asahidake dealt out a epic day yesterday with a great bunch of clients getting the best lines for skiing and Snowboarding untracked all day with their English speaking  snowboard guide and the other team summiting with their English speaking Ski guide Pat . It was a day to remember with the bluest skies and the the fresh powder it was just a pleasure to be out there! With more snow forecast there will be loads of other fresh tracks to be had so drop us a line and we will show you the best !

Hokkaido is famous for powder snow, and if you ski or snowboard, there is always a fresh line to be found. Check this video from Hiddaka, west Hokkaido. With great powder comes great responsibility. Never go backcountry unless you know the terrain, avalanches are always a possibility, and some slopes end in cliffs. Better to have a guide with you so you are always on the good powder.