Rafting, Canyoning, and Bridge Swing, Come and Join the Summer Fun!

This summer, Hokkaido Outdoor Adventure would like to show you the nature in the heart of Hokkaido. In Hokkaido, there is a lot more to experience than the usual popular tourist spots. If you are tired of the conventional touring style, come and join us, we’ll show you the different side of Hokkaido, and an unforgettable time.


Hokkaido Outdoor Adventure offers a variety of different river activities. Among those, there are options within the activities. During the summer, sometimes the water level is not very high, therefore the standard rafting trips may not be as exciting as they can be during the high-water season. If you like the splashes and the thrills, we recommend you to take part in our mini-rafting tours.


Although they are slightly more expensive than the standard rafting trip (8,500 yen per person), you will enjoy being on your private small raft that can only fit up to 3 passengers. With the boat being smaller, it becomes less stable on the river. You can experience the exclusive excitements and thrills with your friends or love ones. Our professional guides and top-quality equipments will make sure of your safety while you are having a splendid time on the river.



HOA’s base is originally an old elementary school building. Its historic feature is combined with the ethnic decorations that were brought back by the boss from his trips to all over Asia. All the artefacts have little stories or meanings behind them, such as the Tibetan masks hung on the entrance are said to be able to repel demons in Tibet. Flee free to ask us about the artefacts if you are interested in any of them.

HOA_rafting_hokkaido_Mukawa-7227199 HOA_rafting_hokkaido_Mukawa-7227203

In a hot summer day, nothing better than jumping into the water for a swim or splashing each other with the crystal clear water. This will sure chill you down and leave you with a fresh new start.


For those who are interested in our trips, you can directly book online through our website.