Unexpected Rainfalls Brought Some Extra Thrills on the Rivers

This year, Hokkaido has been experiencing one of its driest summer. However, with the recent continuous rainfalls, the Mukawa, Saru River, and Chubetsu River all had a significant amount of water increase overnight. Higher water level means there is more fun on the rafting trips for both the clients and the guides.


With this level of water, our guide, Kishor is still doing his backward rafting trick. Not sure if he is intentionally making the clients scream!

This is just like the snowmelt season during the spring time.


Everyone is having a blast and enjoying the whitewater.


This amount of water on the Saru River sure is unusual at this time of the year.


The family is having a great time on the Chubetsu River.


Everyone is having fun in the water, but the one who enjoys the most seems to be our guide, Prem.


Rafting is just so much fun, isn’t it?


Unfortunately, because of the high water level, we had to cancel our canyoning trips. But still, this had to be one of the best days for rafting.